Many Weddings and a Funeral (and an anniversary)!

September 15, 2017
Layer Marney blog

Well, what a whirlwind the last couple of months have been!!!  We have been so busy!!  The horses have worked very hard and as usual have done us proud!

We have had a real varied selection of work obviously weddings being the busiest due to the time of year.  King and Gilbert our beautiful Friesian stallions have been getting there fair share of the work now too, doing their first wedding as a pair for Nicola and Alex at the beginning of August, we were delighted with them.  Alan and I were not so lucky at this job as it started raining at the beginning of Nic and Alex’s ceremony where the heaven’s opened and it did not stop until five minutes before the newly married couple came out of the church, they were very lucky as the sun then shone for them and we were able to take them for a romantic drive with the hood of the carriage down – Alan and I were certainly glad of our mac’s but just so pleased that it stopped before they came out of the church, the horses took it all in their stride!  King and Gilbert also did a first anniversary drive for a local couple and have done two funerals together this month as well – we are truly chuffed to bits with them!

Monty, a traditional cob came to stay with us for a week last month for training.  Monty’s owners had been long reining him and doing the basics but were having great difficulty putting him to the carriage so were struggling to get him going so asked us for help.  Alan gained his trust and with patience and confidence instilled managed to get Monty to accept the carriage behind him.  The Searle’s family have done an amazing job continuing with his education and are now able to enjoy driving Monty together.

Jack and Jill have done the majority of our weddings this year as ‘white’ horses seem to be the most popular for the job.  They are such a genuine trustworthy pair and can be relied upon in any situation.  Last week they made a young lady and her friends very happy for her surprise birthday party treat of a ride in our Cinderella Pumpkin carriage.

Pub drives have again been extremely popular again this summer with Billy and Trottie doing the majority of these as they enjoy this work so much although they have done a few weddings and funerals too.