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Jimmy’s Journey


Welcome to Jimmy’s Journey, where you will hear regular updates on the progress being made by Jimmy in the world of carriage driving.

I am Jane Holloway and I live in East Anglia.  I have kept horses for over 30 years and have ridden for many of those years, until a knee injury dictated that riding was no longer an option for me.

Driving ponies have always intrigued me, but never thought that it would be possible to take up this amazing sport, until fairly recently.

In January 2017, I was made aware of a little skewbald pony in Norfolk called Jimmy, who had become available to loan. I went to see him with an experienced carriage driver friend, who drove him for me and confirmed that this pony would be great for a novice driver like myself.

One week later Jimmy arrived on the yard and here our journey begins.

One thing that I have learnt about carriage driving right from the very start is that this is not a sport that can be rushed into. A lot of consideration needs to be given to the fact that it is very much a team past time – riding can be very individual whereby with carriage driving, you do need the support of others around you. It’s at this point that I will introduce you to the key people around me who you will hear me mention in my write ups and without their support, this new chapter in my life would not be possible – my very supportive husband of over 45 years, Bill (I married very young!) my extremely talented  and patient carriage driving trainer, Royston Munt and my sister Sally, who, when not looking after the Country House department at Fine & Country in Norwich, visits at weekends and mucks out the stables…..

October 27, 2017
Jimmy meets Royston Munt For two days I looked at the mobile number I had been given, then finally decided that I actually had nothing to lose, it was a phone call, after all, if he couldn’t help me he may know someone who could. Decision made, I punched out his number, took a deep breath and prepared myself...
September 1, 2017
Jimmy's Journey Sept 2017 I had just dropped into the telephone conversation that I had bought a new carriage, it went very quiet and then I heard Allen say “sorry I am in Newmarket collecting some rugs that need repairs and it is quite noisy, I thought you said that you had bought a 4 wheeler?” Uh-oh, I know...
August 9, 2017
Jimmy's journey 1 Welcome to the first episode in Jimmy’s Journey! Jimmy arrived here towards the end of January. I was so excited when this 11hands high, skewbald Dartmoor Hill Pony walked out of his trailer and marched happily into his newly made up stable bed of wood shavings and began munching on his hay lo