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Blakeney Quay in North Norfolk

Focus on Norfolk

  The county of Norfolk offers a fantastic heritage, miles of unspoiled coastline, picturesque villages, historic market towns, and delightful seaside resorts. Norfolk is also synonymous with The Broads – a designated National Park. These unique waterways are a haven for rare birds and wildlife. Easy to navigate, they offer 125 miles of lock-free waterways….

Focus on Suffolk

Suffolk is quite simply a wonderful place to live. The county is undeniably pretty and has a great combination of glorious British countryside inland,  together with a heritage coastline that is deemed an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Suffolk coastline is a stunning place to behold and has many attractions that make it a great…

Winter Feeding – How To Cope

Winter feeding: how to cope

 Lizzie Drury MSc RNutr The onset of autumn is the time to start monitoring more closely any fluctuations in your horse’s weight and body condition. This will enable winter feeding programmes to be put in place before problems such as weight loss occur. For most of us the shorter days mean that it’s not possible…

Hack for two competition - and the winner is...

Win a hack for two on the Suffolk coast

We are giving away hacking experiences for two lucky winners at Poplar Park Equestrian Centre. The lucky winners will take a friend with them for a two hour hack across miles and miles of unspoilt countryside on the heritage coast, Suffolk. For your chance to win this wonderful prize, all you need to do is…

All about arenas

By Tim Sisson, MD of William Morfoot Ltd With such a large amount of choice between materials, sizes and surfaces, planning to build your own equestrian arena may need a little helping hand from the experts. Tim Sisson, MD of William Morfoot explains how to get started. Equestrian arenas are becoming increasingly popular in Britain…

Be prepared before Seasonal Pasture Myopathy strikes, advises BEVA

Be prepared before Seasonal Pasture Myopathy strikes advises BEVA

With Autumn round the corner and trees clearly displaying their seeds now is the time to identify and deal with the risks of any sycamore trees on or near your horse’s grazing advise vets at the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA). Sycamore seeds are toxic and can cause the fatal disease Seasonal Pasture Myopathy (SPM)…

Building A Stable

Whether you’re building a stable yard for the first time, or upgrading from one you already have, we here at Equestrian Lifestyles are here to help guide you through the process, to get the best stable for you. Getting Started To start, check if planning permission will be required to erect your stable. It largely…

Reducing your carbon hoofprint

Cutting costs is a welcome idea for many and embracing green energy can do just that, whether you are looking to save money or improve your green credentials, installing renewable energy products can be a very rewarding process. The use of renewable energy on a national scale is still limited with fossil fuels currently generating…

Finding Your Perfect Home

Property in the equestrian sector is under huge demand, demand that grows year-on-year. Combining land, location and masses of potential for development or smallholding purposes, equestrian property is one of the most sought after sectors – and not just by horse owners.

The Secrets of Green Energy

Whether you are looking to save money or improve your green credentials, installing renewable energy products could be just the ticket.